Seteco is a Product Development Company

That means we respond to a farmer’s specific needs by developing technology that meet unique environmental conditions. Seteco develops custom solutions aimed at improving performance of all vegetable seed. Seteco, a company with a team of people that has the experience and knowledge to practically apply hands-on experience with the latest in priming and enhancement technology.

Super Split

A lettuce pelleting that incorporates heavy materials that balance the water and oxygen uptake around the micro-environment of lettuce seed.

Super Split Special

Super Split Special is a combination of the Super Split pellet and a lettuce seed priming technique to raise the temperature threshold and break photo dormancy.

Balance Heavy

Pellet for lettuce, brassicas, Chinese cabbage, tomato, onion, chicory, endive etc. Also available as Primed Balance Heavy.   ALL CROPS • ALL AREAS

Balance Lite

Standard, very high performing light pellet. There are specialized formulas unique to different crop species. Also available as Primed Balance Lite.

Micro Tek

This encrustment process is a process to fit a client’s size and color specifications. For more accurate singulation of planting. Can be used to achieve specific seed counts.  ALL CROPS • ALL AREAS

Color Tek - Film Coating

This coating enhances the flow in pneumatic planters and the color choice makes for easy seed identification.  ALL CROPS • ALL AREAS


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